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Dr. Azza Naija

Research Associate


+974 4403 7691


Academic Background

PhD in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology

Research Interests:

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A Bit About Me

Dr. Azza Naiji is a research associate at Yalçin Lab in Qatar University’s Biomedical Research Center. Dr.Azza obtained her PhD in biological sciences and biotechnology from University of Monastir, Tunisia in 2016. Her thesis tittle was “Physiological and Molecular Evaluation Of The Toxicity Of Heavy Metals On A Blennidae Species Of Tunisian Coasts. Her hraduation research was a joint program with 4 laboratories in Europe: 1) University of Namur, Belgium where she studied the activity of enzymatic and non-enzymatic biomarkers in response to heavy metals exposure 2) University of Antwerp, Belgium where she studied the concentrations of cadmium and mercury in different fish organs (gills, liver, brain) 3) University of Genova, Italy where she obtained experience  in different cytogenetics techniques 4) University of Le Mans, France where she identified 16 partial gene sequences of Salaria pavo (Blennidae). The identified sequences were published in the gene bank “European Nucleotide Archive”. Following these identifications, she identified their expressions at different time point. Dr.Azza authored 5 high impact publications with a 5 h-index. Dr.Azza conducted her postdoctoral research in the Translational Research Institute, immunotherapy department at Hamad Medical Corporation between 2019 – 2020 and published a publication in cellular immunology. Dr.Azza is skilled in  Histopathology, Protein/DNA/RNA extractions, RT-PCR, RT-QPCR, chick embryo eggs culture, left and right atrial ligations, heart perfusion, doppler echography, heart extraction, cell culture, western blot, Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells isolation from Blood, aneuploidy test, micronucleus test, measurement of enzymatic and non-enzymatic biomarkers, Measurement of heavy metals in sample organs, Measurement of heavy metals in water and many other techniques. She is currently the head of Chick Embryo Facility at Yalçin Lab in Qatar University’s Biomedical Research Center

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